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Scalastyle - Custom rules


Some people have rules which are specific to their sites, and which are not in the standard Scalastyle distribution.

First, you will need to create a jar containing your custom rules. This should contain the classes and a reference.conf typesafe config file, which contains the error messages for your rule.

The sbt, and command line support custom rules, since version 0.7.0.

Creating your jar

So, for instance, if you had the following checker:

package org.ext

// checks that we don't use foobar
class NoFoobarChecker extends ScalariformChecker {
  val errorKey = "dont.use.foobar"

  final def verify(ast: CompilationUnit): List[ScalastyleError] = {
    List() // details left as an exercise for the reader

Note that the errorKey val is dont.use.foobar. Make sure you compile this class with the correct version of Scala (2.11/2.12/2.13). To find the correct version, see the appropriate plugin (sbt or command line). With this class, you need the following reference.conf:

dont.use.foobar.message = "Avoid using foobar"
dont.use.foobar.label = "Foobar"
dont.use.foobar.description = "Check that foobar is not used"

reference.conf should be at the top level of the jar, so your final jar will look something like:

jar tf nofoobarchecker.jar

You can have more than one rule in the jar, but you’ll need a single reference.conf with all of the messages for your rules.

And you’ll obviously need to change your configuration as well:

<scalastyle commentFilter="enabled">
  <name>Scalastyle standard configuration</name>
  <check level="warning" class="org.scalastyle.scalariform.NullChecker" enabled="true"></check>
  <check level="warning" class="org.ext.NoFoobarChecker" enabled="true"></check>

Once you have the jar, you’ll have to modify your sbt plugin configuration, your maven plugin configuration or your command line.


sbt is easy. You can add the jar as a normal library dependency into your project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.beautiful-scala" %% "sbt-scalastyle" % "1.5.1")
libraryDependencies += "org.ext" %% "nofoobarchecker" % "1.0.0"

Or just copy the custom rules into your project/lib directory, and you should be good to go.

Command line

The command line has an extra parameter --externalJar or -e

java -jar scalastyle_2.13-1.5.1-assembly.jar \
  -c scalastyle_config.xml \
  --externalJar nofoobarchecker.jar \

You will need to use whatever version of scala that you specify on the command line to compile your custom rules.